Views from the Windows

Lake Michigan beyond Lakeshore Drive. Lakeshore Drive is the main thoroughfare running along the lake between the northern and southern ends of the city. The street that looks like it will run into the lake is Wacker Drive, part of which is in two levels, one above the other. Have you seen the movie The Blues Brothers? One of the chase scenes goes along lower Wacker Drive.

An unusual feature of this lake photo is that there aren't sailboats out on the lake. Between the bridge towers and the skyscraper at the right is a boat dock, but the sailboat masts are almost invisible.

This spot is also just south of Navy Pier, where the Koko Taylor event was held. The fireworks were visible in the area just above the bridge towers.

More or less the same view as above. Chicago, like many US cities, now has a "River Walk", which you can sort of see. This end of the River Walk doesn't have much going on. After the Sheraton, heading toward the lake, there is only an apartment building.

What this photo also doesn't show are tourist boats that travel up and down the river. Chicago recently announced plans for adding Venice style gondolas to the tourist opportunities along the river. On my way to the airport out of town, I heard about a boat tour focusing on Chicago architecture (maybe it's Chicago from the Lake) -- sounds like something to do next time!


At the bottom -- the roof of the Sheraton below the tower where the rooms are. The brown buildings are apartments. 


The building towards the left in the background that's black with two barely-visible antennae sticking up from the top is the John Hancock Building. Not the tallest building (that's the Sears Tower), but it has an observation deck at the top.