San Francisco:
June 2001

The Bay Bridge - This was by the San Francisco Ferry Terminal. I didn't get over by the Golden Gate Bridge, so no picture of that.

Alcatraz Island

Stockton at Sutter - Here you can barely see the cables over the streets. These are attached to the city buses, to steady them on the hills. Above the underpass, you can also get a sense of the hill. Stockton is the street going uphill. By the time you've gotten to this cross street, Sutter, you've already gone uphill for several blocks.

View of north San Francisco - This was from the ferry, and is very fuzzy. I have it here because I hope you can make out how the elevation changes. Start in the center, at the base of the black skyscraper, and then look to the left and right. You can see in the lighter colored lower part where the hills are. The top of the hills at the left and right are taller than some of the multistory buildings in the center.

Chinatown Gate

A building - San Francisco has wonderful buildings standing among uninspired modern architecture.

Another building - This one is pretty fuzzy. It was taken from the hotel window, and I used the scanner to pick this building out from the long photographic view. It's another interesting building in an industrial looking landscape.

Poster Session 1 - at ALA

Poster Session 2 - This was taken near the end of the period, and the supply of handouts, brochures, and business cards is running low.